I have always been fascinating for the arts. Music, drawing, theater, I liked a lot of fields, I even followed a degree in Performing Arts. But when I discovered jewelry making, I quickly understood that it was the job I really wanted to do and that I wanted to do all my life!

At the very beginning, it was only a hobby, initiated by a friend, which consisted in creating small trees with copper wire. Then I noticed that we could create much more with copper wire, we could create jewelry! All kinds of jewelry, different, unique and so beautiful. Since then, I can’t see my life without making jewelry!


All the pieces offered for sale on my store have been created by me in my own home, on a small worksbench. I only buy the earring hooks and minerals, everything else is handmade in France. I work with recycled copper plates and wires, naturally nickel free. I cut with a saw, anneal, shape, engrave, braze, etc. But my favorite method for creating jewelry is weaving, which I do with very fine copper wire. I often add minerals, either set or in pearls, to give a beautiful colored touch! For a contrasted finish, I oxidize the copper, which gives it a very dark color. Then I polish the whole thing, this allows to shine only the surface while keeping shadow on the rest.


I have learned and continue to learn, as projects come along, in a self-taught way. Mostly thanks to the content posted on the Internet by jewelry designers. I want to take part in this exchange, by sharing my work. Not with the pretention of teaching but rather of informing, on the various techniques which can be used to create jewelry and the result which they give. So, I hope with all my heart that you will be able to discover the process of creation of one of your future piece of jewelry!

I invite you to take a look, if you are interested. You can access one of my videos below and discover the others on my Youtube channel. You can also follow my work on Instagram where I post very regularly.